MSNBC Uses Photo Of Actor/Director Jon Favreau In Segment Featuring Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau

No offense to actor/director Jon Favreau, but I don’t think he’ll be making many “most eligible bachelors” lists, mainly for the fact that he’s married. However, such is not the case for Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, having been listed recently on Town & Country Magazine’s “Top 40 Bachelors” list.

However, in a segment on Jansing and Company today, MSNBC accidentally aired a photo of actor/director Favreau in place of Obama speechwriter Favreau. For some reason, this is endlessly funny to me. Like, I literally can’t stop giggling at the screengrab.

Here’s the clip…

And speaking of Jon Favreau the actor/director, I miss his old IFC show, Dinner For Five, every episode of which, by the way, is available on YouTube and worthy of watching by anyone who reads this website regularly. He was also great on Marc Maron’s podcast recently. The man is just a great conversationalist. (If you’re reading this, actor/director Jon Favreau, email me at brett at uproxx dot com so we set up a reader Q and A with you.)

Below is the episode of Dinner For Five that’s probably my favorite, the one in which Favreau had David Milch, Jay Mohr, Tim Olyphant, and Michael Rapaport on as guests. Milch, in particular, is so great here, and Olyphant tells a hilarious Vince Vaughn story…