MTV Will Introduce A New Age Of High School Dating Decadence With ‘Promposal’

Growing up in the rural Canadian prairie wilderness, I did not have a prom to attend or stress over. From what unflinching teen dramas like Clone High taught me, proms and their subsequent promposals are a colossal deal to some younglings. MTV aims to capitalize on the natural drama of teens asking other teens to prom in a new reality series that beckons My Super Sweet 16 levels of decadence.

Deadline reports that cable’s go-to Teen Mom hangout is currently casting for the new reality program. Casting for the show (naturally titled Promposal) is underway with an emphasis on proposals that are big, Big, BIG!

“Promposals, a phenomenon that has taken the internet by storm, is now a television series featuring the most creative, most romantic, most over the top and outrageous promposals ever imagined!” shouts the program’s casting page. “If you have a master promposal plan, MTV will help it go viral and prove your swag to the world.”

With My Super Sweet 16 already earmarked for a return, Promposal seems like a natural fit for this emphasis on big and boisterous displays from kids that are more Veronica Lodge than Betty Cooper. It might also mark a shift towards MTV embracing decadence and flash in the age of Donald Trump in the White House. Maybe MTV should consider a second series focused on homophobia, racism and sexism attached to proms to balance things out? Just an idea. Like I said, I’m no prom expert.

(Via Deadline)