MTV’s ‘Scream’ Is Already Considering A Hard Reboot For Season 3

Have you found MTV’s take on Wes Craven’s horror classic Scream to be a bit lacking? (There’s no shame in it, loads of folks feel the same way.) Well, season 3 of the youth-friendly cable TV bloodbath may be relatively unrecognizable when it returns.

Deadline reports that a complete overhaul is being considered after two seasons. According to their sources, a new showrunner and new characters are being eyed for a six-episode season that pretty much only retains the Scream name and their Ghostface copyright baggage. In addition, the current cast have reportedly been told it’s alright to hunt for other jobs. Here’s the bluffer’s guide on what could be on the way…

The plan is tentative as the project is still searching for a new showrunner who would shape the concept for Season 3, but I hear MTV, which just went through a major regime overhaul, remains committed to the series. While the new showrunner may opt to include references to events and characters from the first two seasons, I hear the idea is to start fresh by reimagening the cult title. MTV and Dimension had no comment.

TV shows undergoing overhauls is nothing new and a hard reboot for a serialized death-driven story could be a godsend for the series. The target demo isn’t moldy olds like myself that watched Scream on VHS, so there’s no need to cater to that crowd either. (This strategy panned rather well for Teen Wolf.) Of course, this approach could be scrapped with season 3 chugging along in a non-reboot form. It may depend on how the current MTV brass feel about the sagging ratings of this still relatively young series.

(Via Deadline)