MTV to Dumb Down ‘Romeo & Juliet’

04.12.10 9 years ago 15 Comments

Ben Silverman, the former co-chairman of NBC, will produce a telenovela-like take on Romeo and Juliet for MTV called “Pedro & Maria” that will establish new depths to the hell of cross-promotional marketing. Warning: corporate buzzwords ahead…

Going back to Silverman’s roots packaging reality projects with advertisers, the series has been pre-sold to Procter & Gamble, which is not only a sponsor but is signed on as a co-producer with MTV and Electus [Studios]. The advertiser will also “lend creative support” to the series with ad integrations.

“World class marketers, content creators and top producers are beginning to recognize that their individual success relies heavily on their ability to join forces to create content platforms that are both engaging and entertaining, while over delivering a compelling message for their audience,” said Silverman, CEO of Electus. “[Exec producer] America Ferrera, MTV and P&G are leading this charge alongside us with a groundbreaking new interactive platform that allows us to tap into this growing and important demographic.” [THR]

Ugh… I feel so dirty after reading that. For those who aren’t fluent in Synergy, that quote basically translates to “We’re gonna find new ways to sell useless sh*t to idiots.”

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