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This is one of the episodes from Private High Musical, an online spoof of Disney’s saccharine fake-ass High School Musicals.  It’s actually somewhat funny and creative, which is why I was shocked to learn that MTV is developing it for television.  In fact, MTV — the same network that vomited out “The Hills,” “Laguna Beach,” that Tila Tequila show, that Tila Tequila spin-off show about the Italian douchebag, etc. — is actually developing what seems to be all sorts of maybe-intelligent scripted material.

The projects include a 20-episode series order for a new animated series called “DJ and the Fro” (about two office drones who swap viral videos while surrounded by office mayhem) and a quintet of pilots (not all of which have closed deals). The pilots are a mix of live action and animated projects, with three set in high school and two based on existing online Web series…

Some of the projects came out of “tape day,” where executives were challenged to find a potential program through non-traditional means — such as an existing Internet series… The turnaround process took weeks, say MTV executives, instead of the usual months.

“It’s saying, ‘go prove us the idea’ and seeding it with some money upfront rather than doing a longform deal with every deal point in place,” says Liz Gately, MTV’s senior vp of series development.  “We’re moving more toward a ‘proof is in the tape’ model.”

This is amazing.  MTV… trying? Could the once cutting-edge network actually be treating its viewers like they’re human beings capable of independent thought?  I don’t know, man.  What’s next?  A block of music videos?

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