John Mulaney Continues To Have A Good Sense Of Humor About His Sitcom’s ‘Small But Disloyal Following’

John Mulaney was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and the conversation was dominated by jokes about his struggling sitcom, Mulaney. As he’s done at nearly every promotional stop, Mulaney displayed the charm, humility, and humor that will put the talented comedian back on his feet once this phase of his career is over, whether it’s through a turnaround for his sitcom or — more likely — somewhere else.

“The ratings have not been good. But luckily, the reviews… have also not been good,” he joked with Kimmel in the clip above. “We’re niche. We have a very small but disloyal following.”

Mulaney continued to be self-deprecating in the segment below, even as Kimmel tried to raise his spirits by making the point that Mulaney hasn’t been bad enough to get canceled (although it did suffer a dreaded timeslot move). Mulaney eventually came around with a positive note of his own, saying critics are simply bogged down with too much good TV these days. “It’s exhausting. They needed one to dislike. I provide that service.”