Watch The Extended Preview That Convinced ABC To Make A New Primetime Muppets Series

The Muppets are coming back to television. This much you probably knew. The new series will be an Office-y mockumentary that has been described as a “more adult” version of the beloved characters (adult “grown-up,” not adult “what happens if you Google Miss Piggy with SafeSearch off”), one that will focus on the Muppets’ personal lives and careers and relationships and such. Back in May when ABC greenlit it, the word was that producers showed the executives a 10-minute pilot presentation video that was met with a real, actual standing ovation. Now, thanks to popular demand, ABC has released the video.

The focus of the sneak peek is the Muppets trying to get the show made, and Miss Piggy bailing to make out with Topher Grace, and Kermit’s attempt to get her back. It’s… pretty good! Especially if you like the Muppets. (Who the hell doesn’t like the Muppets?) It also gives you a little taste of what they mean by more grown-up, as we see Kermit and company doing what I would describe as “sitcom things.” Think less “Let’s put on a show!” of the old Muppet Show, and more “Let’s put on a show!” with Kermit as a tiny green Leslie Knope. Solid place to start.

(Via TV Line)