The Muppets Comedy Series That Was Headed For Disney+ Has Been Scrapped

When it goes live in November, Disney+, the super-corporation’s forthcoming streaming service, is going to have a lot of content: Star Wars shows, Marvel shows, plus classics from their growing number of corporate archives. What Disney+ won’t have is the new Muppets show that was announced last year.

As per Deadline, Muppets Live Another Day — a scripted comedy that would have revived, yet again, Jim Henson’s beloved showbiz-loving puppets — has been shelved after a “discrepancy” between the creative team and the powers-that-be at Muppet Studio. That team included Josh Gad and Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, who were to write and executive produce the pilot, which would have picked up right after the events of the 1984 film Muppets Take Manhattan.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t there will be no new Muppets content hitting Disney+. Deadline also reports that Muppets Now, an unscripted show that will feature guest stars, is still in development, and due to hit the streamer in 2020.

Since acquiring the Muppets in 2004, Disney has had a bumpy ride reintroducing them to the culture. Though the 2010 film called simply The Muppets — overseen in part by star Jason Segel — fared well at the box office (although not as spectacularly as expected), its big screen follow-up, Muppets Most Wanted, did not. An ABC TV show lasted but one season. Presumably Disney+ will feature all the Muppet movies, perhaps even Muppets from Space.

(Via Deadline)