‘The Muppets’ & ‘Scream’ Will Attempt To Fix Behind-The-Scenes Issues With New Showrunners

The Muppets and Scream are both undergoing some major changes in order to spur better ratings and possibly fuel a creative turnaround. Both shows that had some early positive reviews and anticipation from fans, but they both seemed to stumble in quality and viewership after a few episodes. Now there’s apparently a serious need for a boost in order to survive and each show is trying something new.

In the former’s case, the issues in front of the camera also extend to behind the scenes drama surrounding the handling of the show’s direction. Each show will say goodbye to at least one of their current showrunners: The Muppets after the first half of this season and Scream in advance of the second season airing next Spring, and in order to make much needed changes. The Muppets co-showrunner Bob Kushnell is out, leaving Bill Prady behind to lead Kermit and crew. Then with Scream, it’s literally a massacre as /Film reports:

[Scream] co-showrunners Jill Blotevogel and Jaime Paglia are both stepping down, to be replaced by Michael Gans and Richard Register (Make It or Break It, Celebrity Deathmatch). Blotevogel will stay on board in Season 2 as a consultant, while Paglia is departing completely.

It should come as no shock that two beloved properties being rebooted for television did not pan out as planned. It is a tall order to make die hard fanbases happy with these new takes on old ideas, even ones that are such specific examples of their respective genres. The Muppets is a god among felt-covered men in the “shows that use puppets” category. It’s influence can be seen across many of the comedies that came in it’s wake, and not just those made for children.

Meanwhile, Scream almost single-handedly breathed new life into the slasher movie genre in the 90’s and it’s a shame that the new show pales in comparison to the way the original films skewered horror movie tropes (pun intended). Regardless of their respective problems, both shows are in a position to be much better than they currently are with only a few changes. All is not lost, and hopefully both shows will come back in the spring with a new outlook on life, or as it may be with Scream, death.

(via /Film)