The ‘Breaking Bad’ Trunk-Mounted Machine Gun Gets The ‘MythBusters’ Treatment

Discovery aired a Breaking Bad-themed episode of MythBusters earlier this summer, so you may have already seen the clip above, but they didn’t upload the video to YouTube until now. Far be it from us to resist any video involving both Breaking Bad and remote-controlled machine guns. Yes, they tested the plausibility of killing a roomful of white supremacists using an M60 machine gun hooked to a garage door opener and concealed in the trunk of a car. Spoiler Alert: It’s is based on this scene from the Breaking Bad series finale. Double Spoiler Alert: That shouldn’t have been a spoiler.

To create the trunk-concealed killing machine, Adam Savage mounted an M60 machine gun to standard shallow conduit attached to the swiveling base of an office chair, then connected the gun to box end wrenches pivoting off a garage door opener. He did make one basic improvement to the design by attaching the cassette from a 10 speed bike to the garage door opener, but that was a piece of equipment Walter White would have easily been able to find in New Mexico.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman then tested it out in the presence of Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. So, could it have killed everyone standing while sparing anyone who dropped to the floor in time? We’ll let a couple of GIFs answer that:

(Via Boing Boing)