These Two Desperate Dudes Battle One Angry Electric Eel In The First Promo For Discovery’s ‘Naked And Afraid XL’

Survivalist reality shows have maintained popularity on TV for well over a decade now. Lately, the new programs hitting the small-screen have been getting more and more intense. After viewing Nat Geo’s The Raft, it felt like all bets were off regarding what people will and won’t do just to achieve some sort of survivalist-themed bragging rights. NBC soon joined the party with the May premiere of the their crazy new show The Island.

Now, Discovery looks to be upping the ante with the upcoming premiere of their new spin-off series Naked and Afraid XL. The program is being described as “a 40-day challenge,” where six men and six women — all expert survivalists —  find themselves stranded in a remote Colombian jungle without food, water, or clothing.

Featured in the first episode, the two guys hunting for food in the above clip take it upon themselves to spear an electric eel with some shocking results. Seriously — with only their metal knives to fully complete the task they’ve brought unto themselves — these unclothed gentlemen proceed to be electrocuted by something fierce. That probably made for one strangely satisfying dinner.

Naked and Afraid XL is set for a two-hour premiere on July 12, and… who am I kidding? I’m totally going to watch the hell out of this show.

(Via Discovery)