Naked Man Found Dead in Hot Tub with TV Weatherman After Gay S&M Drug Party

My father always told me, “Son, any time you wake up next to a dead man who’s wearing nothing but a dog collar, you’re either in a North Vietnamese prison camp or you threw one helluva party.” Brett Cummins, the meteorologist for NBC affiliate KARK in central Arkansas, threw one hell of a party.

Maumelle police officers were called to the home of Christopher Barbour Monday morning where they found the body in the hot tub. Mr Barbour, told cops that the dead man and meteorologist Brett Cummins of Little Rock station KARK, were guests at his home Sunday night for Labor Day weekend party.

Police were told that the trio was drinking and snorting drugs. Mr Barbour said that he awoke the next morning to Cummins’ loud snoring, and found the weatherman in his hot tub with the nude body of Dexter Williams [pictured, right] lying next to him. Williams’ face was discoloured and he had with a chain around his neck – described by police as a ‘dog collar.’

There were also traces of blood in the hot tub, police said. Upon awakening, Mr Cummins became ill and vomited on the carpet. [Daily Mail]

The Daily Mail was also kind enough to root around on Williams’s Facebook page, where the deceased man listed “partying” as one of his interests. And how. At least he died doing what he loved?

And now, to take the edge off this dark story, here are more debauched “Archer” screen caps related to hot tub sex and drugs and dead gay lovers.

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