Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Can’t Stop Laughing At Trump During The ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

Last week America was reminded that the man who put his name on a book that he didn’t write called The Art of the Deal is not a master at the art of the deal. To avoid a second government shutdown — destroying both hundreds of thousands of lives as well as his chances in the 2020 election — President Donald J. Trump made a compromise with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, one that gave him far, far, far less for his precious border wall than he was demanding.

And at least on SNL’s “Weekend Update,” Pelosi and Schumer thought that was super-duper-mega-funny.

Kate McKinnon played the Speaker of the House and Alex Moffat the Senate Minority Leader, as the two slid next to Colin Jost and Michael Che to celebrate their big win — or, rather, Trump’s big loss.

“We are devasted by the outcome,” McKinnon’s Pelosi said while barely holding back snorts. “The president really did whip our butts.”

“That’s why I’m sitting on a hemorrhoidal cushion right now,” added Moffat’s Schumer.

They expressed faux-shock when Jost revealed just how little Trump received for the wall, thus causing him to create an obviously b.s. “national emergency,” which was lampooned earlier in the evening.

“We wanted something, sure. But he gave us everything,” said Schumer. At one point they cracked up over Ann Coulter’s Twitter feed, and Pelosi even busted out her instantly iconic sarcastic clap. It was beautiful.