Naomi Watts Revealed Herself To Be One Of The Few People With Bill Murray’s Phone Number

While we know it was initially a nerve-wracking experience for Naomi Watts to work with Bill Murray on St. Vincent, she unsurprisingly revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night that there’s basically a party around Murray 24 hours a day. She also revealed that the two still keep in touch, and that she occasionally gets a “weird text” from him because of course she would. Watts also didn’t realize that having Murray’s phone number is kind of a big deal because he doesn’t give it out to many people, and now, she said, people try to manipulate her as a means to get to Murray.

You may be wondering, “Why are you saying this on national television, Naomi Watts, because now everyone knows you have Bill Murray’s personal phone number.” As Jimmy Kimmel also pointed out, if anyone needs a Bill Murray favor, Naomi Watts is your girl!