The Next ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season Will Match A Familiar Face With A Previously Unidentified Voice


For almost the entirety of the Narcos spinoff, Narcos: Mexico, thus far, viewers have been treated to an eerily familiar voice that wasn’t identified until the final moments of last season. Those Murphy-esque tones belonged to the series’ newest narrator, who was obviously a DEA player we hadn’t seen before. He turned out to be an operative who helmed the U.S. efforts following the death of Kiki Camerena (Michael Peña) and the self-imposed exile of drug lord Gallardo (Diego Luna). As seen above, DEA agent Walt Breslin mused about how Kiki was one of their own, and his murder made clear that a drug war was afoot.

Netflix has now announced that this character will be one of the next season’s leading players, and the actor who embodied that voice, Scoot McNairy, has been officially announced to return — fully onscreen. Via Entertainment Weekly:

Diego Luna (Rogue One) is confirmed to continue his role on the show as cartel boss Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo.

And Scoot McNairy (True Detective) is now confirmed to co-star in the new season. McNairy’s as-yet-unnamed character was introduced in the final moments of Narcos: Mexico; a grizzled DEA agent who plans to escalate the drug war south of the border. McNairy also narrated the entire season of Narcos: Mexico as an off-screen character.

McNairy will soon appear in the third season of HBO’s True Detective, but of course, he’s known to audiences for his turns in Halt and Catch Fire, Fargo, Gone Girl, and The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter. There’s no release date as of yet for the next chapter of Narcos: Mexico, but Netflix is currently shooting in Mexico City, so we’ll probably see something in fall 2019. Yet matter how serious the subject matter of the season shall be, McNairy’s few onscreen minutes so far show that his character will maintain one hell of a presence.


(Via Entertainment Weekly)