‘The Blow Must Go On’ In This Brilliant No Budget Netflix Musical Version Of ‘Narcos’

Who needs Netflix when you’ve got community theater tearing sh*t up in the prestige TV department? Granted, it’s the “Netflix Community Theatre,” so that Netflix factor has to come in somewhere.

The streaming service’s critically acclaimed crime drama Narcos is set to unveil its third season on Setpember 1 and as a sweethearted way of keeping folks abreast of what’s gone down (SPOILERS AHOY) with a very DIY musical take on the blood and blow caked program.

“The end result of swallowing a baggie is gross,” sing a pair of peppy theater players. “But better that than an overdose!”

It’s truly a musical tour-de-force complete with all the disgusting (yet whimsical) blood and toilet action you can tap your coked-up toes to. Plus, there’s a certain razzamatazz to trying to explain through song to Pablo Escobar that he’s totally gonna die, dude!

Netflix has cranked out a lot of quirky teases for upcoming seasons (like the very NSFW “unraveled” recap for Orange is the New Black) and Narcos the Musical lives up to the standard. Frankly, I would welcome some more silly community theater musical promos from Netflix. Hell, stuff the corpse of Hemlock Grove in there if that’s what we need to make this happen.

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