‘Narcos’ Has A Premiere Date To Go With A New Teaser And New Cast And (Also) New Setting

Netflix released a Narcos Season 4 teaser today that showcases the premiere date — November 16 — that wouldn’t be news by itself. However, the teaser highlights the show’s upcoming major shakeups, which were announced last December, that include a setting change and reverse time jump to the 1980s to take on the Guadalajara cartel. In other words, Pedro Pascal’s character has done his time as the star of the show, which is pushing forth to new horizons.

In order to pull off this wizardry, Michael Pena takes over as undercover DEA agent Kiki Camarena, who confronts a host of dangers in Guadalajara. Diego Luna will step in as Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the cartel head who presided over Mexico-United States border corridors and pioneered the Mexican drug trade. While such drastic changes of cast and setting present as a gamble, the show aims to usher in a new chapter for an established show.

As the teaser reveals, the stakes are not only high for Narcos‘ characters but also for Netflix. Although the streaming service is super secretive with most of its viewing numbers, it’s speculated that this series is one of Netflix’s biggest hits. We’ll find out in mid-November if this almost fully refreshed show can pull off that feat again.

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