‘Nashville’ Might Not Be Dead Just Yet

ABC went ahead and took musical nighttime soap Nashville off of life support on Thursday, giving viewers only a couple more weeks to see the gears grind so as to keep our favorite faux famous country stars in some high (low) stakes form of unrest (and, more sadly, depriving us of a weekly dose of Connie Britton). It was probably the right decision for a show that has been repeating itself and getting more and more trite and predictable over the past couple of seasons, following all the traditional sudsy tropes so faithfully that it’s a surprise no character has yet twirled his mustache while giggling evilly.

That being said, Nashville was once a very good show with excellent music propping it up, hence it’s mega-passionate fanbase. So when Lionsgate TV announced on Friday that it’s peddling the four-year old series around in an attempt to keep the gang all together, it wasn’t a major surprise at all.

AXS TV, a cable network that airs reruns of the show’s first three seasons and Hulu, which airs this season’s episodes beginning the day after they air on the network, could be possible landing spots. And as The Hollywood Reporter notes, both TBS and A&E have gotten into the resuscitation business in the past with Cougar Town and Unforgettable. But while series creator Callie Khouri didn’t sound terribly optimistic regarding Nashville’s chances of staying alive on Thursday, the studio took a far more different tone.

So stay tuned, Nashville fans. Don’t blow out the candle for Rayna, Juliette, Deacon and the gang quite yet.

(via THR)

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