Natalie Dormer Of 'Game Of Thrones' And Her Skrillex Hair Posed Topless For GQ

We’ve learned a lot about Game of Thrones this week: Tyrion watches your Red Wedding reaction videos, there are going to be a lot of porn stars in season four, much boobs wow violence, 50 ways to say your Hodor, and now, how to date Margaery Tyrell herself, Natalie Dormer. But first, about that hair.

Shout-out to the clipper-happy groomers at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, who shaved half of Dormer’s head for her role as “badass” documentarian Cressida. (She’ll be in both finale installments.) She didn’t mourn very long for her lost mane before moving, she says, into “Phase ‘Rock It Out.’” In other words, despite her milkmaid face and her rosebud mouth—usually fridge-magnet askew—the buzz cut gives her “a sh*tload of attitude.” Which is good, because that’s kind of her thing. (Via)

Who knew Skrillex was so popular in WUB WUB WUBesteros?

Anyway, here’s the dating video. The key is: be an evil weasel-faced king.

Photos via Will Davidson for GQ