Even Natalie Dormer Avoids ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers, Still Doesn’t Know What Jon Snow’s Deal Is Yet

The fate of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones just might be the most hotly contended cliffhanger in television history since “Who shot J.R.?” It’s given fans something to geek out over the past six or seven months and is almost solely responsible for keeping the lights on at television blogs. Is Snow dead? (Nope.) Is he alive? (Probably!) Is he still human? (Maybe?) Did Melisandre have something to do with it? (It certainly seems likely!)

Just don’t ask Natalie Dormer about it, because she doesn’t know anything. Promoting her new movie The Forest, Dormer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night where she was, of course, asked about Game of Thrones spoilers. She did drop one tidbit about a shooting in Spain this year, so it looks like Margaery Tyrell is eventually going to get out of imprisonment (despite the fact that she tried to recover by saying “There are dungeons in Spain!”).

But other than that, Dormer is in the dark. Although she admits, “If you get stabbed that many times… you’re pretty much dead,” she says that she doesn’t know anything more than we do. And not because it’s mandated by HBO or anything, but because she doesn’t read other storylines in the script so when the show airs she can watch as a fan. That’s some pretty tenacious willpower. Not all of us can say we wouldn’t be all over those Jon Snow spoilers.