Natalie Dormer Was Happy To Let Seth Meyers Touch The Bald Side Of Her Head

Senior Pop Culture Editor
04.23.14 14 Comments
natalie dormer hair


Ever since the SAG Awards, we’ve been fascinated with Natalie Dormer’s side Skrillex haircut. It’s styled that way for the next Hunger Games movie, but…that’s Margaery Tyrell…she should be feeding and playing with hungry peasants, not getting her luscious locks styled by Dickie Bennett.

Late Night host Seth Meyers is equally interested, and last night, Dormer invited him to do what millions of Game of Thrones fans wished she’d ask them: touch her head. It’s not nearly as uncomfortable as it sounds, and it’s nice to know that Seth got further with Margaery than Joffrey ever did.

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