Natalie Dormer’s Sexy Smirk Is Why Many Publicists Should Be Fired

If you spend as much time looking at photos of Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer on Getty Images as I do — I mean, Norman Q. Uproxx III makes me — then you’ve probably noticed that she has the same unmistakable facial expression in nearly all of them. It looks a little something like:

It’s a wry smirk so infamous, it even has its own Tumblr page:

But is it natural, or a duckface waiting to happen? Here’s what Dormer told the Sunday Times.

“It really bugs me the way people criticize how actors look. We’re not models. Models exist. I get accused of having a haughty smugness. I have a lopsided mouth. I can’t help it. I was born with it. It looks as if I am smirking. I have had my publicist tell me, ‘Don’t do that smile on the red carpet.’ I’m, like, ‘That’s my smile.’” (Via)

Publicists are evil. Also, Haughty Smugness sounds like the name of the lead singer in a 1980s punk band. I’d pay to see Haughty Smugness and the Lopsided Mouth.

Via Celebitchy