Natasha Leggero Says Selfie Sticks Ruined Her Recent Trip To Rome

On last night’s Tonight Show, Natasha Leggero chatted with Jimmy Fallon about her recent and first ever trip to Rome, which is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. Sadly, though, if you’ve never been to Rome before, it doesn’t sound like now is the time to plan a trip. According to Leggero, the city is apparently drowning in a sea of selfie sticks, which are sold by local merchants outside of tourist attractions to the point that “there are not enough people in all of Rome to accommodate all the selfie sticks for sale.”

As she says in the above clip, this photo was not staged. I think I would be thrown in Roman jail after forcibly shoving a selfie stick up someone’s ass before trip’s end.

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Culture is dead

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