Natasha Lyonne: I Was Groped By Marlon Brando In 2001

09.25.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

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Orange Is The New Black star Natasha Lyonne opened up to Conan about an experience while filming Scary Movie 2 with none other than legendary thespian Marlon Brando. Apparently, during filming, he groped her without seemingly realizing it. Repeatedly. While filming a parody of The Exorcist.

Conan’s cohort Andy Richter also happened to be filming the scene with Natasha, and he gives his side of the story. Marlon was apparently paid $1,000,000 to portray the aptly named Father McFeely in Scary Movie 2 but dropped out after just a few days after getting pneumonia. Natasha says that their scene together was probably a career highlight, regardless of the context. It would be probably one of our own career highlights too if Marlon Brando had felt us up, so we ain’t judging.

(h/t: Team Coco)

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