Nathan Fielder’s Latest Promo For ‘Nathan For You’ Just Happens To Resemble ‘The Blacklist’

With a new season of Nathan For You coming up, Nathan Fielder is out doing promotion for the show, even during Canadian Thanksgiving. In fact, there’s so much promotion going on that Jimmy Kimmel had to bring up a billboard that caught his attention.

As it’s near his house, Kimmel couldn’t help but notice Nathan’s latest promotional billboard. It has Fielder sporting his new look across a few fake magazine covers:

Apparently, it bears a striking resemblance to an ad The Blacklist executed last year. By coincidence, Fielder’s getup also resembles Red Reddington’s usual fashions:

Fielder noted that these are mere examples of parallel thinking, where “someone will come up with an idea, and someone else will come up with the same idea independently a year later.” He’s also pretty hopeful that NBC doesn’t call it copyright infringement. I mean “Hit Man of the Year” and “Hit Man of the Decade” are clearly two different terms. Plus, they’re on different nights and networks. I mean, it’s probably all just one little misunderstanding.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)