Nathan Fielder Brings A Thoughtful And Generous Gift To Seth Meyers On ‘Late Night’

Nathan Fielder stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday night following the season premiere of Nathan For You (read our review here), and because Fielder is nothing if not a gracious late night guest, he brought Seth Meyers a thoughtful gift for helping to promote his show. He also brought with him a clip of next week’s show, in which Fielder transforms the back room of a women’s boutique into a man cave for husbands and boyfriends of lady shoppers, which honestly is a pretty brilliant idea. I have heard of boutiques with bars in them, but this really takes things to a whole new level. (Aside from the royalty-free stock football footage, anyway.)

If a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters can produce the entire works of Shakespeare, it only makes sense that Nathan Fielder could eventually come up with a solid business idea.