Nathan Fillion Will Guest Star On ‘The Big Bang Theory’ As Himself

If TBS and TNT ever do the sensible thing and become one mega-channel (“TNTBS: very funny, boom”), they could fill their entire schedule with nothing but repeats of Castle and The Big Bang Theory. OK, Friends can have the 2 a.m. timeslot. But the rest? All Fillion, all the time, now that the titular Castle — he’s like a non-puppet Eureeka — is set to bazinga on bazinga.

Nathan Fillion is set to cameo as himself in an upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory, EW has learned. The Castle star…will appear in the Feb. 19 episode, in which Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) see him sitting at a restaurant and debate whether or not it’s really him and whether or not they should ask him for a picture. (Via)

Apparently Sheldon is a big Firefly fan — EW says he “frequently laments its premature cancellation” — so Fillion guest starring is a bit like Abed showing up on Cougar Town. Except with less wine and more Jim Parsons wearing perfectly ironed superhero t-shirts.

Via EW