Nathan Fielder Has Soundproof Sex Boxes For Children In The Season 3 Trailer For ‘Nathan For You’

09.24.15 3 years ago 2 Comments

Earlier this week, the teaser for the third season of Nathan For You hit the web. In the 20 second clip, our host bought a gun, rode a helicopter and broke some stuff. Given the previous bits of genius the man has brought to Comedy Central — Dumb Starbucks, anyone? — it’s looking like Fielder is moving things into some flat out insane territory.

On Thursday, the new full length trailer for season three debuted and with it we are given a better glimpse at what Nathan Fielder has in store for us this year. Still seeking to improve small businesses across the country, the above clip shows the man presenting a new horseback riding venture for the morbidly obese while also providing some soundproof boxes for your kid to hide in while sexual activities happen mere feet away in the same room.

So much is alluded to in this trailer, including what looks like an awkward date where a pierced lipped Fielder — who is dressed up in what looks like the finest Hot Topic accessories from 2003 — is addressed by a woman who says, “That’s really weird that you’d take someone on a date and then ask them, ‘Hey, dude, like, why don’t we sue Best Buy?”

Is it weird? Really? We’ll find out soon enough as Nathan For You returns for new episodes on October 15.

(Via Comedy Central)

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