Naya Rivera Of ‘Glee’ Responds To Diva Rumors With…Bikini Photos?

In our annual check-in on Glee and how everyone on the show seems to hate everyone else on the show, we have Naya Rivera, who plays hot-tempered former (I think?) cheerleader Santana, versus, well, everyone else on the set. Last month, it was reported that Rivera had been fired from the impeccably long-running Fox cornball drama, due to on-set fighting with Lea Michele, but…

“There is no truth to the rumor Naya has been fired from the show,” the Fox Network noted in a statement released to the Associated Press Saturday night, which concluded, “She remains under contract to Glee.” (Via)

In other words, she’s under contract…for now. It would be a surprise if she returns next season (yes, there’s going to be a “next season” of Glee), and even more of a shock if Lea Michele doesn’t throw her into a carefully arranged pile of tar and chicken feathers if she does. Anyway, Rivera is also doing a good job upsetting her ex-fiance Big Sean by posting these photos to Instagram:

Oh, so she’s Kim Kardashian now? Makes sense?