NBC To Cancel ‘Parks And Recreation,’ Air Live Musicals Every Thursday (Probably)

Or so NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt wishes, as last night’s The Sound of Music Live! with Vampire Bill pulled in absurd, best-ratings-for-NBC-since-the-series-finale-of-ER numbers.

Facing off against 100% original broadcast competition throughout its entire three-hour run, NBC’s The Sound of Music Live! on Thursday night put 18.5 million total bums in the seats, while scoring a 4.6 rating, NBC’s best non-sports Thursday demo delivery since the April 2009 ER finale. (Via)

It’s only a matter of time before NBC cancels Community, Parks and Recreation, and Parenthood, in favor of unnecessary live remakes of old musicals with HBO actors in them. Picture it now: Bye Bye Birdie: On Ice! starring Big Pussy, A Chorus Line: In 3D! with Turtle from Entourage, Cats: In Smell-O-Vision featuring, I dunno, one of the Fraggles and Al Swearengen? Oh yeah, and they’ve all got Nazis now. This makes Cameron Diaz sad.

HOT TAKE there, Cameron.

(Via TVLine)