NBC Conjures The First Trailer For ‘Constantine’

NBC has released the first trailer for Constantine shortly after officially picking up the series. We’re not surprised it was picked up; the contract called for a large penalty if NBC didn’t air the pilot, because no contract involving John Constantine comes without one hell of a penalty.

Here’s the trailer first, and we’ll discuss after.

The trailer jibes quite a bit with the leaked synopsis. Here’s the updated synopsis, via Comics Alliance:

The show will feature Constantine as he tries to protect the daughter of one of his oldest friends from demons now that she’s discovered her “second sight,” an ability to see into the hidden, supernatural world. Expect to see angels, demons, all kinds of dark arts and Constantine’s bid to rid the world of demons that are prepping for something big to come, spurned on by an ancient evil.

Welsh actor Matt Ryan will play the titular occult detective, not to be confused with the Keanu Reeves portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the movie version. Speaking of which, some people are already waxing nostalgic about Keanu after watching the trailer:

I didn’t mind 2005’s Constantine, but come on. At least give this show a chance. So far his abilities seem reassuringly in line with the rough, pragmatic Hellblazer version of Constantine and not the overly superhuman New 52 version. Hopefully they won’t The Cape this thing. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

P.S. Nothing says “Mother’s Day” like a trailer wherein someone’s grandma dissolves into black goo. God bless us, everyone.