NBC’s New DC Comics Sitcom Pilot Just Added A ‘Community’ Alum To Its Cast

Between Marvel television’s ongoing development of a Damage Control adaptation and DC Comics’ recently announced Powerless sitcom or NBC, the future of superhero programming for the small screen looks bright. These are all in-process ideas, of course, but the fact that networks other than The CW are considering such properties (like Supergirl on CBS) is a good sign. So, too, is the fact that two modern comedy and science fiction television legends in their own right just signed on for Powerless.

According to TV LineCommunity alum (and Captain America: The Winter Soldier cameo) Danny Pudi and Firefly favorite Alan Tudyk have come on board the project for regular roles. In addition to Manhattan‘s Christina Kirk, the pair joins Vanessa Hudgens as employees at an insurance firm tasked with the special job of cleaning up after the various heroes of the DC Comics’ television universe.

Pudi will play Teddy, best friend and co-worker to Hudgens’ Emily (Vanessa Hudgens). He spends his days creating time-wasting pranks as a way to make their office, the “least Super place on earth,” just a little less “unsuper.”

Tudyk, meanwhile, portrays Del, Emily’s new boss in the claims department. Del has just been promoted — not through any merit of his own, but because he’s the owner’s son. A self-proclaimed “rich, over-educated globetrotting wastrel,” Del is a power-mad disastrous dictator of a boss.

Whether or not the characters and storylines treated in Powerless will tie directly into the broader canvas painted by executive producer Greg Berlanti is unknown at this time. Still, the fact that writer Ben Queen’s pilot was even picked up by NBC is great news. Pudi and Tudyk’s addition to the cast? Even better.

(Via TV Line)