NBC Is Bringing Back ‘Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous’ With Nick Cannon

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11.12.14 11 Comments

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Back in 2013, before the Style Network turned into Esquire, Nick Cannon was gifted with another opportunity to be a professional television host with the revival of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Chances are you don’t even recall this happening, but NBC was aware because the network is once again bringing back the series that made Robin Leach a household name, and of course Cannon is still on board. According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has ordered a pilot of this series that celebrated the obscenely wealthy by rubbing their incredible homes and ridiculous cars and yachts in our faces on a weekly basis.

While providing the so-called 1% with a platform from which they can brag about their billion dollar lifestyles seems like one of the most poorly-timed ideas in television history, NBC reportedly insists that this version will be “extremely different,” despite the fact that it will “include fun profiles on ultra-wealthy individuals with vibrant personalities, hobbies and tastes,” according to THR. How will it be different? Cannon will make time to “highlight their philanthropic efforts,” so we can all say, “Wow, that guy lives in a house that is larger than most public schools, but at least he’s donating money to charity.”

The only way this could seem even more destined to fail is if NBC announces that the show will use the Good Charlotte song of the same name as the theme. At this point, they’d be foolish not to.

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