NBC Is Making A Miniseries About A U.S. Marshal Who Hunts Monster Fugitives, Obviously

With its big fancy Beatles project hurtling into Jackie Jormp-Jormp territory, NBC could really use a win in the ol’ miniseries department. Especially seeing as shows like Fargo and True Detective have taken the world by storm over the past year or so. Yes, a hit would be nice. But what, exactly? What will capture the public’s imagination? Enter Wasteland, which has just become my second favorite show the network has in development, behind the one they ordered last year about an angel private investigator who can talk to animals.

From Deadline:

The supernatural crime-drama, produced by Sony TV, follows a hardened US Marshal, who in the wake of a massive prison break, is charged with hunting down fugitives with supernatural powers, while unlocking the mystery of his past.

“So it’s like Justified, right? But the tough, no-nonsense U.S. Marshal has a secret, mysterious past. People love mysterious pasts. Like on Lost. And instead of meth heads and well-coiffed Kentucky organized crime figures, the Marshal is hunting down — and wait till you hear this, because you won’t even believe it — a group of … are you ready? Are you sure? MONSTER FUGITIVES.”

Why does this sound like more like a show you would have seen on TNT a few years ago than a network miniseries?

The project was originally set up as a drama series at TNT three years ago.

Yup, that’ll do it.

H/T AV Club