NBC Cancels ‘American Odyssey’ After Just One Season

After its first episode aired, NBC‘s military-themed thriller American Odyssey has consistently existed on the bubble. Given that detail, it should come as no surprise that after Sunday’s finale, the series will not live on to see a second season.

While the show delivered a strong story and performances all around, the series from Peter Horton never found its audience. NBC‘s advertising campaign for the series may be to blame as the above image is a bit misleading as Odelle Ballard’s storyline in the show was just one piece to a much bigger puzzle.

Since you probably didn’t watch the series — because honestly no one did — American Odyssey was a program about a far-reaching political cover-up that starred Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) as Special Forces soldier Odelle Ballard. The first episode showed Ballard finding proof that a major American corporation was funding North African terrorists. Before she could report her findings, her unit is murdered leaving her to fend for herself in enemy territory.

Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie) and Jake Robinson (The Carrie Diaries) also starred in the NBC series which was originally titled Odyssey. Before its premiere, the network decided to rename the series American Odyssey to draw in a larger patriotic audience. That move — along with the show’s satisfactory ad campaign — may have ultimately contributed to the show’s downfall.

(Via Deadline)