NBC: Low Ratings, High Product Placement

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12.21.11 18 Comments

Man, if I watched “Chuck,” that totally would have been the reason why I went to get a Subway sandwich during my lunch break today. Because every time I hypothetically think of getting a foot-long Oven-Roasted Chicken Breast, I hypothetically associate it with…that girl from “Chuck”…and that spy thing they do…and, um, Chuck.

So, yeah, I’ve never seen an episode of “Chuck,” but according to new figures from Nielsen, people really relate the two: the time “Big Mike says that his kidnapping hasn’t been that bad because his kidnappers brought sandwiches” was the fifth most remembered product placement of 2011. Rounding out the top five:

Sheldon using Purell and Amy suggesting everyone play Twister on “The Big Bang Theory” (#1 and #3), Tessa drinking Red Bull on “Suburgatory” (#2), and Beckett driving a Ferrari on “Castle” (#4).

The Nielsen blog posting also reveals that of the 10 series with the highest amount of product placement activity, four of them are on NBC and nine are reality shows (“Idol” topped the list with 577 occurrences). The only exception: “Friday Night Lights Goes to Applebee’s” at #8 with 201. Looks like “Modern Family” is going to have to step its Target-and-iPad-loving game up for 2013 – this is the only award the show hasn’t won.

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