NBC Pulls The Plug On The Bill Cosby Sitcom It Was Developing

The sh*tstorm has been stuck in hover mode over Bill Cosby’s head since comedian Hannibal Buress reminded us that everyone’s favorite pudding shilling TV dad has been accused of rape multiple times.

This morning, Andrew wrote about model Janice Dickinson’s accusations against Cosby and Netflix’s decision to pull the 77-year-old comic’s upcoming special which had been scheduled to go live on Thanksgiving. Now, NBC is getting into the act by icing their planned Cosby-starring sitcom, according to Vulture.

NBC has opted not to move forward with its planned Bill Cosby sitcom, sources familiar with the situation tell Vulture. Calls have gone out to the creative partners involved in the project (including co-producer Sony Pictures Television) informing them of the decision, which had been expected in recent days as more women came forward charging Cosby with sexual misconduct and rape.

In that this controversy has been brewing for almost a month, it’s somewhat surprising that it took this long for both Netflix and NBC to make the smart decision and avoid a further public link with someone who has morphed from being beloved to radioactive. Maybe they thought that this would all blow-over as the past accusations seemingly had, at least in the general public eye, but that’s not happening this time and this week made that abundantly clear.

Will we ever see Cosby on TV again? Short of him booking some kind of tell-all interview and contradicting his camp’s vow of silence on these matters, I can’t envision a world where that happens. Can you?

Source: Vulture