Necessary ‘Seinfeld’ Supercut: Over Three Minutes Of Kramer Stealing Jerry’s Food

One of the nice things about the Internet is that it allows us to remedy past injustices. For example, Seinfeld ran on NBC from 1989-1998, before the invention of YouTube, and before just about every laptop computer came with free video editing software. This means that the show never got the full supercut-y, mash-up-y, Community-style treatment from adoring fans that it probably earned during its original run. A shame. A tragic, tragic shame.

And that brings us to this: Over 200 seconds of Kramer stealing food from Jerry’s apartment. It’s kind of perfect. And long overdue. Kudos to the folks at SuperCompressor for making this happen. Now someone make me a “Just one more thing” supercut from Columbo. I’ve been very patient.