‘The Walking Dead’ Will Have Lots Of ‘Negan Fun’ In Season 10

Negan has joined the gang (not The Gang, although that’s a crossover I would enjoy seeing) in season 10 of The Walking Dead. But what will his role be? He may have been reformed after his lengthy stint in prison, but he’s still the guy who brutally murdered Abraham and Glenn, even if most of the current cast doesn’t remember / never met him, and may want to remind people he’s still “King Sh*t Motherf*cker.”

That’s according to Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang, who told TVLine, “This has been part of the plan for his character that started with last season. So for fans who were kind of itching for more of him, there will be a lot of Negan fun this year.” Hm, maybe don’t use the words “fans” and “Negan fun” in the same sentence — it gets weird.

Kang continued, “I think in the comics, even if he called Rick the ‘King Sh*t Motherf*cker,’ he’s used to being that guy himself. So, to be in jail for years was a big ego blow. He wants to be important. He wants to be valued. So that can take many different forms… Part of the joy for me in writing Negan is figuring out, ‘What is he up to? Is it OK that I like him right now when he’s saying this stuff that’s really f*cked up?’ That’s a lot of what we’re doing with the character this year, and it’s really fun.”

Again, with “Negan” and “f*cked up” and “fun.” The fan fiction community must be happy.

(Via TVLine)