You Can Pretend To Be Negan’s ‘Walking Dead’ Victim At Comic-Con

Peak TV might be ending, but don’t tell that to San Diego Comic-Con 2016. A massive number of shows, including Game of Thrones (complete with a scavenger hunt!), Sherlock, Luke Cage, Mr. Robot, Rick and Morty, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Preacher, will be on hand to, in the case of Thrones, reveal absolutely no new information, but hey, look, there’s Maisie Williams!

Also in San Diego: The Walking Dead. AMC’s zombie series is expected to “unveil a [trailer], new poster, key art, and a premiere date and running time for the season seven premiere,” which will once and for all answer who shot Mr. Burns, I mean, who did Negan kill with his baseball bat Lucille? The identity of the murder victim has been kept secret so far — or else — but those who watched the scene “have been left disturbed by it,” and TV Guide is pretty sure they know who it is. They won’t blab, but I have a guess: it’s you.

At least if you participate in Comic-Con’s recreation.

You can take a load off between Maggie and Rick, and snap a smiling selfie while you’re imagining your head exploding. Or draw cat whiskers and a Hitler mustache on Eugene’s face. I’m sure Comic-Con’s cool with both.

(via io9)