Jeffrey Dean Morgan May Have Dropped A Big Clue Regarding Negan’s Life Before ‘The Walking Dead’

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04.12.16 8 Comments

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Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead have just been introduced to Negan, the baseball bat-wielding, black-hearted pragmatist that everyone loves to hate. Those who have read the comic know that Negan’s horrific deeds are justified by a set of rules to keep his people and those in his thrall in line. Rules are important to Negan, and although he strictly enforces them by mutilating his followers or bashing in the skulls of those who cross him in front of their friends and family, he’s no savage. In fact, his gregarious personality could offer clues as to who Negan was before the sh*t went down.

Yes, Negan is an awful human. A monster, even. But he’s also someone who has brought up a large amount of survivors under his dark watch, well fed and safe. Granted, the methods he uses to keep them fed and safe are by offering “protection” to other small communities for half of their goods, but no one can deny that Negan isn’t a man of his word. Before the apocalypse, you might even buy a car with an extended warranty from him. He probably has a strong handshake.

The man playing Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, offered some insight to Negan’s past on a conference call with The Hollywood Reporter, which transcribed the actor’s take on Negan’s backstory, and it could be spot-on.

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