Now We Know Why Negan Is A Sociopath On ‘The Walking Dead’

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02.09.17 4 Comments

Negan is one of the most sociopathic characters in all of television history, and easily the most evil of The Walking Dead villains, so far. He introduced himself to the series by bashing Abraham’s head in. He then taunted Daryl to get a rise out of him and then used Daryl’s outburst as justification for bashing in the skull of Glenn. Worse still, Negan subsequently used Daryl’s guilt as a psychological weapon against him, as he has done with all of his followers. Negan needles at their weak spots, breaks their minds, and then he owns them. In the case of Dwight, for instance, he took his wife and now brags to Dwight about attempts to impregnate her. But if Dwight pushes back, Negan threatens to kill Dwight’s wife.

Negan is an evil dude, but the series itself hasn’t given much context for why Negan is the way he is. However, in the still-ongoing 48-page origin story, “Here’s Negan,” which is currently being doled out in four-page increments in the pages of The Walking Dead comic, readers have gained a better understanding of what motivates Negan’s unorthodox leadership style.

Comics Spoilers Ahead

Negan’s origin may make it into the television at some point — next season, most likely — so if you don’t want to be spoiled, here’s where you should exit.

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