The Most Likely Negan Victim On ‘The Walking Dead’ Just Inadvertently Ruled Himself Out

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08.30.16 10 Comments

Speculative Spoilers

There have been scores of rumors going around about who Negan will kill with his bat, Lucille, in the season premiere of The Walking Dead. AMC, however, has taken measures to ensure that no one is spoiled to the victim’s identity before the episode airs. As hard as the internet has tried, however, it hasn’t been able to spoil the premiere… yet.

Last week, several cast members on The Walking Dead recorded a Happy Birthday message for a big fan of the show, Demi Lovato. Assuming there was no funny business or other trickery, that video — shot on the set of The Walking Dead — seemed to rule out four potential Negan victims: Rick, Daryl, Eugene, and Glenn.

That leaves seven remaining possibilities: Carl, Michonne, Aaron, Sasha, Rosita, Abraham, and Maggie. We can rule out Carl because Negan threatened to feed his other eye to Rick. That leaves six. Unless Negan kills two, we can also fairly rule out Aaron, Sasha, and Rosita because they are not major enough characters to satisfy The Walking Dead audience with their deaths. That leaves three: Abraham, Michonne, and Maggie.

The most likely among those three according to rumors swirling around the internet is Abraham, who died in the comics at the point where Denise died in the TV series. However, assuming again there is no funny business or trickery at play, Michael Cudlitz just ruled himself out in an interview with Popsugar about the death of Denise:

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