Stephen Colbert And Neil DeGrasse Tyson Clash In An Epic Set Of ‘Friday Night Fights’

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Neil deGrasse Tyson has earned himself a reputation as a guy who is willing to call out the problems in almost any type of media or fantasy situation. Did you enjoy Star Wars? Neil deGrasse Tyson might’ve if it didn’t continue the series’ misuse of the term parsec. And guess what, he’s going to tell you all about it on Twitter — which is great because people seem to have a real problem with it.

That’s likely why Stephen Colbert brought Tyson in for the second installment of his Late Show ‘Friday Night Fights.’ A segment that also featured Colbert’s good friend and Strangers With Candy cast mate Paul Dinello. Always nice to see an old face, especially when there is talk of Santa Claus battling Thanos.

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