Neil Gaiman Is More Excited About ‘American Gods’ Than Anybody Else

The name Neil Gaiman stirs some strong emotions in fans of science fiction, fantasy, and even comics. Gaiman’s work has spanned genres, mediums, and generations, with one of his better known novels, American Gods, currently being adapted by Starz for television. Set to begin airing in 2017 after a long, drawn-out process to bring it to the small screen, fans have been abuzz about the series through every step of the process.

But fans aren’t the only ones who are excited about the adaptation of the seminal novel. In fact, according to DigitalSpy, Gaiman is perhaps the person most excited about the series in the world. How excited? Sh*t hot. Those are his words, not mine. You see, he’s very excited about working with Brian Fuller on the show.

“He and Michael Green have been writing these really powerful scripts, the casting is sh*t hot… and the footage that I’ve been seeing is also sh*t hot.”

I’m not sure that I’ve seen a novelist use such a strange phrase twice in as many sentences, but the man is excited that one of his works that he’s passionate about is finally going to be making it to television, so he can get a pass. This, on top of an upcoming adaptation of the Terry Pratchett co-written Good Omens, means there will be quite a bit of Gaiman on the small screen in short order.

(Via DigitalSpy)