Neil Patrick Harris Tackles ‘The Actathalon’ On ‘Late Night’

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Much like trying to compare athletes, comparing actors is an exercise in subjectivity. Sure, you can measure an actor’s accomplishments with their filmography and awards won, but you never know who turns down what role or how subjective an awards committee can be in a given year. But what if there was a quantitative way to measure all actors’ abilities equally?

The folks at Late Night with Seth Meyers may have found one such method. They put together an “Actathalon” full of traditional actor tropes, like the “Mirror of Introspection” and “Daddy Go Bye-Bye Door,” to promoting a bad movie in the “Junket Room.” After gaining and losing 75 pounds, Neil Patrick Harris put his acting chops through the rigors of this acting obstacle course. He’s going to need all the skill he can muster to promote “Lead Red Circle” in Connect 4: The Movie!

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)

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