Neil Young & Springsteen Do ‘Whip My Hair’ + Harrison Ford Was Really High

11.17.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

Okay, we’ve got some late-night goodness to review. The highlight of the night came when Jimmy Fallon broke out his uncanny Neil Young character — last seen singing the theme to “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” — for another song related to the Smith family: Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair.” Halfway through, Bruce Springsteen — wearing sunglasses and a fake beard — joins him, and it’s a delight to hear Springsteen and pseudo-Young sing lyrics like “Don’t let haters keep me off my grind / Keep my head up I know I’ll be fine.” (video below)

The Young/Springsteen video HAS to be good to bump Harrison Ford from top billing. Ford was the first guest on last night’s “Conan,” and he was HIGH OUT OF HIS MIND (video below). I can’t for the life of me pin down what fabulous cocktail of drugs he was on (Coke and lean? Weed and ecstasy?), but he was by turns spaced out, confused, sullen, wide-eyed, goofy… all while constantly rubbing his hands on the chair’s armrest. The highlights were him saying he’d love to do another Indiana Jones movie for the money (see the 8:45 mark) and his response to what he would have done in Capt. Sully Sullenberger’s position after a bird strike: “sh*t and die.” (Note: it wasn’t bleeped, because cable TV rules.)

Neil Young (Jimmy Fallon) & Bruce Springsteen sing “Whip My Hair”:

Harrison Ford’s drugged-out interview on “Conan”:

…and you know those have to be some remarkable late-night highlights to bump screencaps of Rosario Dawson to third billing.

She is exquisite.

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