Nerd Fight!

04.26.11 8 years ago 15 Comments

Michael Podniestranzki, 23, was arrested after he threw his cousin into a window when an altercation about “Game of Thrones” turned violent. And since you’re about to ask: why yes. Yes, this did happen in Florida.

As will happen during shows “based on medieval times,” Podniestrzanski and his cousin “got into a verbal altercation” over which of the cable program’s characters was going to win, according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report. [Because fighting is easier than reading the book. -Ed.]

With the argument between Podniestrzanski and Joshua Ross escalating, Podniestrzanski allegedly “took a swing at” his kin. After scuffling for a bit, Podniestrzanski’s cousin “ended up getting thrown in to the front window during the altercation.” [The Smoking Gun via Gawker]

Ross, who is also Podniestranzki’s roommate, opted not to press charges. Instead, he shall seek his vengeance in the next jousting tourney! To the RenFaire! Squire, fetch me my stallion! *sigh* Yes, the station wagon is my stallion. Now hand me the keys. And try to stay in character, will you?

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