Death, Technology, And Slo-Mo Fights Highlight The Teaser For Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’

“No body lives forever,” declares the tagline for Netflix’s Altered Carbon. It seems in this future there’s a way to get around the whole permanent dirtnap thing, although it doesn’t always pan out for the players involved.

The streaming giant unveiled an intriguing teaser for their adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s cyberpunk novel of the same name, showing off a future both shimmering and impossibly bleak where it seems sweet slo-mo fight sequences could break out at any moment. This sci-fi offering takes place at a time when human minds are digitized and downloaded from body to body. (Except for the bulk of Catholics. At least, that’s Morgan’s presentation.) When the wealthiest human on the planet gets murdered, he “resleeves” Takeshi Kovacs (played by both Joel Kinnaman and Will Yun Lee) to investigate the death.

Clocking in at a smidge over a minute, this Altered Carbon tease doesn’t reveal too much but serves up its hook with aplomb and there are loads of bleak yet shiny treats to keep the eye busy. Shutter Island screenwriter/exec producer Laeta Kalogridis serves as creator and showrunner on the 10-episode series which is set to premiere February 2, 2018. Nothing says Groundhog Day quite like navigating what existence truly means, eh?