Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In August 2017, Including ‘The Defenders’ And ‘Death Note’

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07.24.17 5 Comments

July was a great month for Netflix subscribers who value their binge-watching. With the coming of The Defenders, the culmination of the streaming giant’s partnership with Marvel Studios, August is shaping up to be even better. After all, as the mini-series’ latest trailer from San Diego Comic-Con indicates, seeing Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and the Iron Fist (Finn Jones) onscreen together is what everyone has been eagerly awaiting for so long. (Okay, maybe not Iron Fist as much.) Throw in the somewhat controversial American adaptation of Death Note and the latest installment in the Wet Hot American Summer franchise and eureka! Kiss your weekends goodbye.


The Matrix Trilogy (8/1)

Perhaps the inclusion of Reloaded and Revolutions won’t excite too many of you, but it’s impossible to deny the glory that was (and is) The Matrix. The Wachowskis’ explosive entry onto the scene in 1999 not only changed modern blockbuster filmmaking, but it also enamored audiences with a kind of computer-literature, intelligent superhero of sorts in the form of Neo (Keanu Reeves), a lowly hacker-turned-savior for all mankind. Along with the two films that followed, The Matrix didn’t have nearly the kind of impact that Star Wars did, but the generation who grew up with it can’t shake its influence.

The Defenders (8/18)

As teased above, maybe Jones’ Danny Rand isn’t the most popular member of The Defenders right now. (Even the people running the Jessica Jones Twitter account loved poo-pooing him when the first teaser came out.) This probably has to do with how abysmally bad the first season was. Thankfully, Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming team-up won’t be all about Rand’s whiny quest to reclaim his family name and make up for the fact that he essentially abandoned his post in Iron Fist‘s first season. In fact, the reemergence of Elektra seems to suggest that the main plot revolves around something first spotted in Daredevil‘s first season.

Death Note (8/25)

When early casting reports for Netflix’s American adaptation of the Japanese manga series Death Note popped up, fans worried the filmmakers would white wash the entire thing. The creative team behind the film has since tried to assuage these concerns, including offering the first trailer and the above clip for public consumption. Whether or not Death Note remains true to the spirit of the Japanese manga remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure — a lot of people in the United States and across the globe are going to tune in once the film drops August 25th.


The League (8/30)

THE LEAGUE IS LEAVING NETFLIX. WHY IS THE LEAGUE LEAVING NETFLIX? Obviously, there hasn’t been a new episode of the hit FXX series since 2015, because its showrunners and cast decided to bring the semi-improvised comedy about a sports fantasy league’s members to an end. And as evidence above, YouTube is rife with edition “best of” collections of all the show’s favorite characters (re: Jason Mantzoukas’s loudly obnoxious yet lovable Rafi). Yet the fact that all seven seasons of The League will no longer be available to stream on Netflix come August 31st is disheartening.

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